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Annual General meeting 7.30pm ​Tuesday 3 September 2024 @

Little River Mechanics Institute Hall

No August general meeting

Working with the community to enhance and protect the natural environment around Little River

Our aims

  • Improve the health and accessibility of Little River
  • Improve the visual amenity
  • Promote sustainable agriculture
  • Protect and enhance indigenous flora and fauna
  • Implement management of invasive species

How we achieve our aims

  • Working bees to control weeds in local reserves
  • Promote awareness of the environment through invited speakers
  • Provide information and advice on environmental management
  • Undertake projects to improve the amenity of the local area

Upcoming Events






9.30am - 3pm

Melbourne Water

14 Sep 24

9.30am - 12 noon

Boneseed Weeding

You Yangs

Oct 24


Wildflower Walk

Little River Reserve

10 Nov 24


Native Garden Tour

Little River

*use link or message littleriverlandcare@outlook.com or 0422 340 294 to register

About us

ABN 5 736 747 846

Incorporation number A0037083X


Patrick O'Halloran (President/Secretary)

Peter Hield (Vice President)

Andrea Van Orsouw (Treasurer)

Committee members

  • Lynne Morse
  • Jennie Epstein
  • Angela Lord

Rules and Policies

President’s Report


General meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month (except January and August)

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Little River Mechanics Institute Hall, 8 Rothwell Road, Little River

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Mailing Address

C/o Post Office

Little River Vic 3211

Email Address




0422 340 294

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Child Safety commitment

Little River Community Landcare is a Child Safe organisation, with zero tolerance for child abuse and a commitment to children’s best interests. All children who participate in our activities have a right to feel and be safe. We encourage children to express their views and we listen to their suggestions, especially on matters that directly affect them.

Physical or sexual abuse of a child is a crime and will be reported to police, including grooming for sexual conduct with a child under the age of 16 years. All adults who form a reasonable belief that such an offence has occurred have an obligation to report it to police.

We operate in accordance with Landcare Victoria Inc's (LVI) Child Safety Policy. The policy also commits our members to uphold the LVI's Code of Conduct at all times when representing and volunteering for the group.

LRCL Committee members, as organisers of events, will hold a valid Working With Children Card (WWCC). When attending events organised by the Group children must be accompanied and supervised by their parent or guardian. Therefore, it is not mandatory that members hold a WWCC, unless required by law.

You should be aware however, that Parks Victoria has made it mandatory for volunteers working on land they manage to hold a valid WWCC. You may not be able to participate in some of the Group's activities if you do not have a WWCC. It is recommended members apply for a WWCC which is free.

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